The final examination

The final examination consists on the defense of a thesis/dissertation (which is worth 6 credits in the study plan) in front a Committee during a public degree session.

The dissertation should be prepared under the guidance of a supervisor (relatore) and could be based on a research project or work/internship experience. The dissertation will be written in English and has to be linked to one of the subjects of the master course. The dissertation will be an original contribution in the research field.

The deadline to apply for the final examination session is fixed by the University Senate. The student must personally submit the application at least a month before the examination date to be allowed to defend their final dissertation. Due to special reasons, the head of the department can allow a delay. The supervisor must sign the student's application. The latter has to deliver the signed application to the Students and Teaching Office.


The final dissertation is a hard copy delivered with additional visual and/or digital supports. It consists of an appropriate number of pages for a scientific report. It must fit the following rules:

a) it must be the output of an accurate research

b) it must show the candidate's skill to organise and to present his/her work

c) it must contain a consistent and precise literature which includes the quotation of the sources

d) it must relate to the topics according to a rigorous scientific approach and must show the critical skills of the candidate.


The final dissertation maximum grade is 110/110 (possibly cum laude/with honors). It is calculated according to the weighted average of the exams’ marks. The committee, according to the supervisor and the co-rapporteur’s evalutation proposals, can grant up to 6 points in addition to the above weighted average. To assign up to 8 points the dissertation must deal with a special and complex research topic that the student has dealt with particular skills. In this case, the supervisor has to write a report and to deliver it to the board and to the head of the department at least one week before the defence. The head of the department will communicate to the president of the committee the special request. The additional grade is assigned if all the members of the committee agree.


The committee, appointed according to the art. 35 of the University Teaching Rules act, is chaired by the head of the department or by the president of the teaching committee. If they cannot join the commission, a senior teacher will e be asked to chair.

For each academic year 4 final examination sessions are provided.

NOTE: These texts are for your information only, for the official forms and the details for the formal access to the courses please contact the International Office and/or the Students and Didactic office of the Department of Social Political and Cognitive Science